Guild Rules

Loot and Vent rules at the bottom.
1. Respect Your Guild Mates and Others, do not talk down to new players, and handle yourself like you were raised with manners. If You Do Not like being in this guild then type /gquit, our rules are simple for a reason, but will be enforced. If you constantly Complain in guild chat and to everyone else you will be removed from the guild so that the rest of us that like to have fun don't have to here it. We do cut up, and we do call people names in guild, but, this is out of fun, but if serious issues arise between players then ultimately the guild leaders will handle it.

2. Absolutely NO BEGGING!! That means as in begging for runes, items, and especially plat. If you want something ask for one of our crafters to post their skills in guild chat and someone will help you or farm for or buy the mats on the AH yourself. Also we will do crafting rifts weekly or more so that people can obtain the mats they need for T2 ready equipment and gear. If the items are in the guild bank, then we will craft it for you free of charge, except for the new 1.4 crafted gear which you will need to provide the specific vendor items or give the crafter the plat to buy them (no exceptions). And don't forget to say please.

3. Do Not Discredit the Guild Name. Don't do anything that would give you or your guild a bad name, ninja looting, misconduct, or rude behavior. We are here to enjoy the game. Handle yourself accordingly in server wide chat channels, we are considered to be a fun loving non argumentative bunch, keep it that way please or you will be removed. Kill 'em with kindness.

4. Save The Drama For Your Mama, We Don't Want It. If you have a problem with a guildie, guild officer or the guild in general please contact and officer and it will get taken care of. This is an open guild, meaning we don't keep secrets from eachother, if you don't like it or can't take the heat of being called out when you screw up(in a jokingly manner) or are very sensitive, then this is probably not the place for you. Also, don't expect to be pampered here, we are all here to relax and enjoy the game, so don't cause pointless drama in guild chat or on vent, because most of us don't have the patience for it.

5. Help when available for Raids, etc. At this time we schedule raids and do them when we have the geared people online, come prepared and watch videos. Another words, don't leave your guildies hangin'.

6. Help Others Whenever Possible. That means if your bored go help someone. Without the Ubah guildies we can't enjoy the game the way it should be enjoyed. So Have fun and help a guildie or guildies if you aren't doin' nothin beside running in circles around Agartha. This also means don't ignore your lower level guildies either, if they need help with a particularly hard quest or dungeon, then by all means help. But, in this guild we also expect effort from everyone to progress their toons, don't ask for someone to craft you stuff when you don't want to participate.

7. Above All Else Have FUN!!! We all want to enjoy the game, but please understand we can't make everyone happy all the time. It is our goal to strive to make things fair and fun for everyone, only the guild as a whole can make that happen.


Raid Loot Rules

 During any given raid, use some common sense when rolling for items. If you don't, it will be pointed out. We use a free roll system, so hopefully this will calm the storm.

During a raid instance or raid rift, if you have recieved an item already, don't roll on another item in that instance until the next time we go in. If we do multiple things, such as the daily raid rift then The Dragon Queen then these count seperately. For EXAMPLE: Billy rolls on a fancy whatchamacallit during the daily raid rift and wins. That's fine, he wins and doesn't roll on another piece during the raid rift. If we move in TDQ afterwards, and billy sees a nice thingamajobber, he can roll. If Billy wins on that roll he will not roll on anything else in TDQ for the night.

Now when rolling on items in raids it will be Main Specs over Off Specs. Such as: Guild run to TDQ, Billy(a wannabe tank warrior} sees  a great Flamboyant Daggerspine, that would fit his DPS offspec perfectly. First thing Billy has to do is check and see if any of his fellow class members are main spec DPS (meaning that alll they do in a raid is play DPS and don't expect to ever tank in a raid). If there are some main spec DPS warriors, then Billy will not roll on the great Flamboyant Daggerspine and pass to his main spec companions! As guild leaders, it is our job to determine who is playing what spec, selfishness and last minute decisions to declare a spec your main will not be tolerated. We know what you normally play and if you decide you want to change from your normal raid spec then we need to know in advance. In Bily;s case, if no main spec DPS warriors are in the raid or don't roll on the item then he is free to roll for him and off spec people. Use your best judgement, if you believe another person in the raid could use the item more then by all means pass, but this will be left up to each individual. But don't expect someone to automatically pass to you in this circumstance if both of your main specs are the same. Also, don't expect someone to pass on any piece of gear just because you have attended every raid and feel you deserve it! We raid to have fun and get the cake (Loots) but we do it as a group and progress our characters as a whole and not individually!



Mains: Take priority over alts in all circumstances. 1 won item per guild raid run. May roll on as many items as you want if you haven't won anything in that raid. During guild only runs, main specs and off specs will be looked at more closely.

Alts: May roll if no mains need the gear. If an alt wins a roll over a main, then the alt will trade the item in question to the Main.


In Conclusion: Loot is secondary to playing with your guildies, it WILL DROP AGAIN, and you WILL HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE! In a free roll system is is like gambling, we use a free roll system because the majority of us don't care about loot and know that if you show up, eventually you will get something. As we progress, the free roll system may change to address concerns, but it will be posted first. If loot problems arise, then officers/raid leaders will make the final decision since master looter is always used!

Mumble Etiquette and Behavior during raids

During raids, everyone has an opinion about how to beat a boss. Well unfortunely, not everyone can talk on mumble at the same time. Between pulls, our normal chit chat and bullshitting is fine. But once mobs are pulled or the boss is pulled please hold your thoughts until the mobs/boss are dead or we are ALL dead. This gives your raid leader the ability to bark commands if needed to address something without having to talk over someone else. I know everyone wants to help, but during boss fights keep mumble clear. If you have a concern, then the preferred method is to /tell the raid leader and express your idea. The only people that should be talking after a pull are tanks(to make quick assignment changes) or the designated Raid Leader/Leaders. During the trash pulls, this may be a little more tolerated if we have killed em before, but we expect Mumble clear of chatter during Boss fights for raid commands.

Also before a boss pull, there usually will be a quick explanation of the fight for new people and the like. We ask that you hold your questions/interjections until the explanation is over, and then we will ask if there are any questions. If during the explanation you have a question/comment that just can't wait, then /tell the person explaining it and they will be able to address your concern quicker afterwards.