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Fat Kids with Cake

Welcome to the Fat Kids With Cake Website


A Mature Multi-Game Community

We are a group of experienced MMORPG players who like to play in a friendly, casual atmosphere yet still steadily progress through end game content(IT is possible, we've done it). Most of our members are age 20+, and usually have jobs, families, and other mundane obligations that limit our online time. We enjoy pvp, raiding, and helping each other experience the best of what any game has to offer. Our guild is based on mutual respect for its members. It is not a job, and attendance is never mandatory, however, consistent participation is expected (or else why be guilded in the first place.) The strength of the guild is based on the quality of its members, and as such, do not openly recruit players to be a mass Guild (favoring quality over quantity.) If people determine that our guild may be more suited to their personality and play style we invite those to try and group with and get to know some of our members, and let them get to know you. Positive attitude, broad (and sometimes twisted) sense of humor, team play, selfless consideration for others, and a desire to work together to get stuff dead (particularly big mobs) will be almost essential traits to have to really "fit in" with us. Internal bickering, finger pointing, loot whining/whoring, guilt tripping others, emotional blackmail, and other unfortunate personality characteristics are poorly tolerated. We all share our time together to have fun. We have members that enjoy all aspects of the game, but make sure you bring your CAKE!!

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